Scuba Diving in Papua New Guinea's best dive location, Kimbe Bay with pristine coral reefs

Scuba Diving Papua New Guinea

Scuba Diving with Walindi

Papua New Guinea is located in the coral triangle, the centre of marine biodiversity which has the highest diversity of tropical fish and coral in the world.  The waters of Kimbe Bay are home to prolific and diverse marine life and reef structures.  Pristine and colourful corals are home to a variety of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life and many of the reefs have resident schools of barracuda, tuna and jacks.  A range of shark species are regularly sighted, including hammerheads and silvertips, particularly on the offshore reefs.  Resident pods of dolphins frequently entertain divers transiting between sites.  The occasional sightings of orcas, pilot whales, whale sharks and other marine life passing through Kimbe Bay waters delight both guests and staff. 

Walindi Resort has three purpose-built day boats to take guests out diving and snorkeling the wonderful waters of Kimbe Bay.  The Bay with over 40 different sites to choose from, offers a variety of different sorts of dives - underwater sea-mounts, unbelievable sheer walls, fabulous coral gardens, huge fans and funky critters.  Our dive sites are suitable for all levels of diver and whatever the length of your stay, the one thing we can promise is that you will not be bored!

Kimbe Bay

Kimbe Bay pulses with life: its coral reefs hold more than half of all species on Earth, a rainbow jungle that more than 900 reef fish species call home.  Kimbe Bay is located in the Bismarck Sea, a key area in the global centre of marine biodiversity. 


Walindi Dive Centre

Walindi Resort has a full-service dive centre where our day boats are docked and prepared each day to venture out into Kimbe Bay.  The dive centre features a compressor room for refilling tanks including Nitrox and a gear hire room with a full range of dive equipment available for rent.

From the moment you arrive, Walindi Resort does all the heavy lifting so guests can spend more time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful dive sites.  Walindi takes care of your equipment, sets it up, packs it down and washes it each day, all guests have to do at the end of the day is step off the boat.  All gear is also fully washed, dried and returned prior to check out.  

Dive Centre services include:

  • Air and Nitrox refills
  • Daily scuba diving and snorkelling excursions
  • Night diving and shore diving
  • Complete range of PADI diver training courses
  • Dive and snorkel gear hire services
  • Basic equipment repair and service shop
  • Private charter service for any activity: birdwatching, diving, snorkelling, freediving or sightseeing


Dive Boats

Walindi’s three dive boats were all custom-built in Brisbane according to Australia's high commercial vessel standards. Each of the three vessels is in the 9-metre range with an exceptionally wide beam for the length and are powered by Suzuki Marine’s most modern engines, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Walindi’s custom built aluminium dive boats all offer:

  • seating and tank stowage for easy gear up
  • plenty of space for setting up
  • overhead protection from the elements
  • carpeted anti-skid floors
  • rinse buckets for cameras and masks
  • protected stowage for divers’ personal effects
  • easy to use boarding ladders
  • fresh water, coffee, tea is always on board and for day trips a super great picnic lunch

The boats are also equipped with:

  • radios, GPS, satellite tracking and safety equipment
  • full array of rescue equipment including emergency flotation devices
  • complete oxygen delivery system and associated first aid
  • assorted save-a-diver spares

Of course, no ship sails itself and at the base of the operation is the Walindi Dive Crew.  These professionals grew up on the Bismarck Sea and know the waters like the backs of their hands.  Most have been with Walindi for many years and have been formally trained in seamanship.


Dive Courses

If you enjoy snorkelling, why not try out diving? Or, if you are already a certified diver, why not expand your qualifications?

Today scuba diving can be a very easy and pleasurable activity.  No, you do not have to invest many days in the classroom and the pool.  Our highly trained instructional staff can guide you gently into this new world.

Kimbe Bay offers some of the best conditions to learn to dive, with warm, clear, calm seas and a pristine underwater environment.

Your instructor will take care of the strategic planning and preparations, teach you a few tactical skills and be your personal guide to a fun and secure adventure.  Walindi Resort offers the full range of PADI dive courses.  

Please contact the resort if you would like more information or would like to sign up for a course.


Environment & Safety Fee (E&S)

The Environment & Safety Fee (E&S) has been established by the PNG Dive industry for two primary purposes:

  • To ensure the continued availability of a hyperbaric recompression facility, help fund operating costs, training programs and to treat divers in Papua New Guinea. 
  • To sustain and expand the capacity of the PNG Divers Association to participate in a range of programs and activities in support of ensuring implementation of the Environmental Code of Ethics, and the protection and management of Papua New Guinea's unique marine bio-diversity. 

The E&S Fee is US$ 9 per diver, per day of diving.  The E&S Fee is NOT an insurance but rather an industry support fee. 

Hyperbaric Partners Limited (HPL) operates a Twin Lock unit to international guidelines in Port Moresby.  Evacuation with nursing support for injured diver stabilization and oxygen therapy is arranged using pressurized jet aircraft. 

PNGDA & HPL do not meet evacuation costs, which can be high.  For this reason it is strongly recommended that divers in Papua New Guinea hold comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance such as D.A.N WORLD.  

The Papua New Guinea Divers Association thanks you for your support of the Environment & Safety Fee.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Pristine reefs in Papua New Guinea, diver swims over coral reef.

The dive operation's over-riding mission is to provide guests with the very best world class diving experience and acquaint them with the incredible biodiversity of Kimbe Bay.  We strive to ensure the highest standard of diving services and training for guests and staff whilst conserving the waters and reefs of Kimbe Bay in their natural, pristine state.

Our Staff

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Professional dive crew at Walindi, Papua New Guinea

 Walindi Plantation Resort has dedicated Dive Managers whose mandate is to lead and mentor a team of staff to ensure an enjoyable, world class diving experience for guests.  The dive team harnesses the knowledge, training and experience of a truly passionate, caring group of talented professional divers.