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Walindi Plantation Resort has developed several exciting land tours exploring New Britain's rainforests, rivers, volcanoes and wildlife.  

For an adventure, hike up the local active volcano; for a more relaxing day visit the natural spa that is the thermal hot river; visit relics of the past with reminders of WW2; wake up early to see the sunrise and look for birds, spend the day at the local village or stay up late and watch the natural lightshow of the local firefly trees.  There is an adventure to suit all interests.

See below for an overview of some of the favourite tours on offer.

Community Engagement

Our field of operations include many traditional resource owners and communities. Therfore, community consultation & engagement practices are central to the resort’s operation ethos allowing access to these natural wonders of Kimbe Bay. 

Volcano Hike

A reasonably arduous hike uphill takes you up to the top of the active Gabuna volcano crater.  The innumerable species of flora and fauna you will see in the rainforest on the climb up puts New Britain and the whole of Papua New Guinea on the top of naturalists’ and scientists’ lists.  Starting just at the edge of Walindi Plantation, this trek takes you though lush pristine rainforest, where vast trees rise to form a dense canopy.  The route will take you on a gentle climb through the rainforest to the crater on a bush track known only to local guides.  On your way up keep an eye out for interesting insects, birds and plants.  The route then comes out in the open scorched valley with steaming vents, volcanic rubble and hot streams.

The hike up will take approximately three hours. The walk back down (along the same route) takes approximately two to three hours. The terrain is steep and can be slippery, but it is a wonderful way to see the Island from a very different perspective.


Hot River

Hidden in the West New Britain tropical rainforest runs a thermal river.  It is a wonderful emerald green stream with swirling pools and mini waterfalls, fed by a volcanic spring.  Due to its volcanic source, the river is naturally rich with minerals and high in sulphur, so a brief soak in its waters will leave your skin and hair feeling soft and silky smooth. The water temperature is around 43° Celsius (around 110° Fahrenheit).

Take the opportunity to bathe in warm waters surrounded by rich rainforest and to feel completely rejuvenated, treat your body to a natural exfoliating treatment with the special red mud found along the riverbanks.  For a truly unique spa session, the hot river is a must when visiting Walindi Resort.


WWII Plane Wrecks

For anyone interested in plane wrecks or war history in general, the abandoned New Zealand 4522 Lockheed Vega Ventura and the American B-25H Mitchell Bomber are worth a visit.  In 1944 the B-25H Mitchell crash landed due to engine trouble, damaging the front nose gear and the Lockheed Vega Ventura PV1 took a Japanese 25mm bullet through the starboard engine’s fuel line during a strafing run; both were considered irreparable and scrapped. 

A short drive to the north of Walindi, and guests can climb through the vine ridden historic aircraft that are considered the last in the world to have the original outfitting of artillery.



For a quick after dinner jaunt, you can visit the local firefly trees where you will encounter whole trees pulsing with the luminous fireflies - a truly amazing natural spectacle.


Located on the very edge of Walindi Plantation Resort’s property, lies a collection of small trees that during the day looks like any other tree in the surrounding rainforest, but at night these trees come alive with thousands of tiny beetles called Fireflies.  These minute beetles flash in synchronous or pulsing waves of light, a magic light show in the forest.  It is not entirely known why they have chosen these trees and why they flash like they do but what is certain is it is a natural nocturnal spectacle worth seeing.


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