Golden Masked Owl an endemic to New Britain Photo: Josh Bergmark Birdwatching in Papua New Guinea

Birding Papua New Guinea

New Britain Island Birdwatching

New Britain is a geological hotspot that holds many endemic species and contributes significantly to the avian diversity of the New Guinea region.  A birdwatching tour to Papua New Guinea is not complete without a visit to the Bismarck Archipelago.

Walindi offers the best location for exploring the north coast of New Britain and the Bismarck Sea in comfort.  Tours are offered to nearby rainforests and small islets in Kimbe Bay for a host of exotic Bismarck and New Britain endemics. Exciting species include the Heinroth's Shearwater, Golden Masked Owl, New Britain Pitta, Nicobar Pigeon, Blue-Eyed Cockatoo, twenty pigeons and doves, nine kingfishers including the Black-Headed Paradise Kingfisher and a host of little known passerines.

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Contact our friendly staff to help organise your birding trip to New Britain.  Tours can be tailored to your needs and target species.  A range of options and packages are available.

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PNG Birding logistics and 4WD vehicles

Walindi has several specially modified 4WD vehicles to reach our birding sites in comfort and can handle groups or private tours.

Experienced Guides

Experienced bird guides New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

Walindi has dedicated experienced birding guides with intimate knowledge of key sites and where to find target species. 

Pelagic & Island Specialities

Kimbe Bay pelagic sea birds and visit small islands for Island specialities.

Walindi can also facilitate access to Kimbe Bay to target pelagic sea birds and visit small islands for island specialities.


Walindi Bird Guide (pdf)


New Britain Field List of Birds (pdf)